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Having counterfeits made of our brand is a strange kind of compliment. Most counterfeits that have been seen in the market have no premium quality and value.


The ownership of all products is retained by HARDEX BRAKES CANADA. The high level of visibility and complete traceability of original products allow clients to immediately identify any suspicious product in the market. All HARDEX® products have unique serial number inside the box, the packaging specification is almost impossible to replicate and Hardex Brakes Canada employs authenticity security seals on each box that include holographic technology.


There are some simple rules that apply to all levels of the market and to all product groups:


If a product carries a brand name spelled differently or has the wrong style of font or a different logo: – Do NOT buy it, please consult the head office or an authorized distributor.


If a product is priced significantly lower than usual and is out of line with the comparative brand: – For example, the price is too good to be true, it probably isn’t a genuine product, check the product in detail.


If a branded product is presented in plain packaging, or packaging with a different brand: – Check the box contents and the product carefully, without a clear explanation from the parts distributor, don’t buy the product.


As a general rule when purchasing such safety critical items as brake friction, if you have any doubt contact HARDEX BRAKES CANADA directly or through your local authorized distributors.

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